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Causes of High Blood Pressure

Causes of High Blood Pressure - 7 Tips That May Lead to Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure as it sometimes called, is a health condition in which the blood pressure is more than 140 mmHg for systolic and more than 90 mmHg for diastolic (Systolic is the numerator and diastolic is the denominator: 140/90mmHg ).
It has been said that there are no clear identifiable causes of this disease, but some factors may be attributable to the condition. The causes of hypertension may be more of a lifestyle: the way we live and what we eat.
Let us try to look at some of these causes.
1) Pregnancy: Most pregnant women have been known to have high blood pressure. Maybe it is the hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy. Usually this type of hypertension is the only one that seems to disappear on the birth of the child.
2) High intake of Alcohol: People who consume a whole lot of alcohol are known to be more prone to hypertension in most cases. In fact high blood pressure is rampant amongst alcoholics.
3) Excessive Salt intake: People who take in a lot of salt in the food are known to suffer more of high blood pressure. I remember when I was a child and growing. I was hungry and my mother was yet to cook for the family. So she asked a neighbor friend of hers to give me some soup. Do you know that I could not eat the soup because there was so much salt in it? It was later that I got to know the husband was hypertensive. Now that I am grown up, I can understand why. Excessive salt intake! Hence, for total prevention of hypertension, one need to be mindful of salt intake.
4) Obesity: People who are obsessed seem to have more of high blood pressure. This is why you see so many obsessed people panting when they breathe.
5) Sedentary or static life: Some of us do not do any exercise. I remember a time in my life that everywhere I went was in a car - no exercise. My body was complaining. I had to do something. What I am saying here is that those who live a life of little or no exercise seem to have more of high blood pressure than those that are active.
6) Stress: This can trigger the condition or worsen it.
7) Smoking: Smokers are more prone to have this condition than their non smoking counterparts.
Hypertension is a condition that no one prays for. You are advised to strongly guide against its causes.
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