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Homeopathic Treatment for High Blood Pressure

Homeopathic Treatment for High Blood Pressure - Understand the Reason

The homeopathic treatment for high blood pressure has the potential for curing it completely. This is because homeopathic treatment targets the cause of the problem rather than simply dealing with the effects.
Expert Author Madeleine InnocentHigh blood pressure is a natural and useful function of your body to ensure the blood gets to your extremities, to feed the cells there. Think of putting your thumb over the open end of a water hose. The pressure increases so you can better direct the water. The same happens with your blood. When you put your body under abnormal stress, the pressure may have to increase so that the blood can reach your fingers and toes.
Some causative factors are obvious. Being overweight will enormously increase the circulation distances your blood has to travel. This means greater pressure is needed.
Stress, anger and fright put you in the flight mode, an instinctively protective ability to flee from a dangerous situation, way beyond your normal fleeing capacity. Such as fleeing from a dangerous animal about to attack and eat you. To be able to do this, your blood pressure, along with other bodily functions, must increase.
The problem is that current 'civilisation' is the cause of ongoing stress that can last much longer than the original short time spent in running to safety.
Instead of lasting minutes, now your hypertension will start off lasting hours. Then days. Then it can become permanent if the stresses are ongoing.
Other causes are less obvious. They can be diet related, never recovering from a frightening or shocking experience (keeping you permanently prepared for fleeing) or may be inherited.
Although higher pressure is necessary in some situations, when permanently raised other health issues including headaches or migraines, heart and renal problems, amongst others can result.
So it's ideal to work at keeping your day-to-day hypertension at a naturally low level.
But taking blood pressure medication can cause problems of its own. People often experience a lack of feeling in their extremities, indicating the blood isn't reaching these parts as it should. And your body needs to be able to increase it to get you out of the way of impending danger.
One alternative is to use homeopathic treatment for high blood pressure. Homeopathy always looks at your personal symptoms and indications to target the most appropriate medicine. While the main symptoms will be common to all sufferers, your cause, your subtle symptoms, the things that naturally make it better or worse will be unique to you.
Appropriate homeopathic treatment for high blood pressure will not just reduce your blood pressure, it will deal with the cause so treatment is curative or permanent.
Madeleine Innocent is a full time consultant homeopath based in Perth, Western Australia, treating both people and animals. She also coaches people both on- and off-line, on how to use some of the common home prescribing remedies.. For more information, visit: Homeopathic Treatment for High Blood Pressure
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