Sunday, March 9, 2014

Remedies to Keep Blood Pressure Down

Top 2 Home Remedies to Keep Blood Pressure Down!

For many people keeping blood pressure down is a must especially if there is a strong history of high blood pressure in the family. Many men and women can relate to a parent who died young due to stroke caused by elevated BP. For those that are alarmed because of family history and are in their first stages of hypertension know that there are some remedies that will help bring and keep blood pressure down.
Here are the top 2 home remedies recommended for those in the early stages of hypertension:
Diet: People often hear change your diet but have hardly any idea what healthy eating means. Salt intake in your diet is a major cause for increasing BP. So eliminate or reduce salt intake to just 1 teaspoonful a day. Avoid regular pre-packaged and frozen foods and starting eating fresh food. A lot of these meals contain copious amounts of salt. Eat up to 5 fresh fruit and vegetables each and every single day and choose wholemeal whenever possible.
Regular exercise: By exercising you reduce stress levels directly influencing your BP. If you take up walking or jogging and practice it religiously every day for 20 to 30 minutes you will see a noticeable reducing in your BP in just a few weeks.
I would strongly recommend that you introduce these changes in your life if you want to keep your blood pressure down. You can reverse BP without medication, just be persistent and you will see a noticeable reduction in your BP and your overall health. Blood pressure medicine can lower BP without necessarily lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke and astoundingly in some cases it increases the rate of mortality.
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